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Writers Wanted

Creative with words not facts? Then we’re looking for you. 

We are looking for writers to contribute to our blog to submit articles about a whole host of topics, from religion to politics to general interest. You will be covering events within the community as well as submitting works on topics set by our editing team. 

Wether your male or female please get in touch

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Welcome to Salafi News

As Salaamu Alaykum

Welcome to Salafi news. Before we begin with anything we wanted to set a few rules as to what this blog is about. 

1. This blog is about presenting the facts without bias. 

2. This blog will not favour any group or party regardless. We will only favour the facts at hand.

3. Due to the nature of Ahlus Sunnah’s quest for truth and proof, we will not present anything to the public without it’s 100% verification and validation.

4. We will act in the interest of the people. However we reserve the right to with-hold any information on the grounds of morality.

5. We will at all times maintain our integrity in reporting the facts without prejudice.